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Truck Cargo Theft on the Rise

Photo by Toa55According to Freight Watch International, the number of recorded cargo thefts rose 5% in the June-August quarter when compared with the previous quarter.

The value of the stolen cargo also increased by 9%, to an average of more than $150,000. Food and drink shipments topped the list of stolen loads, followed by electronics, metal, building and industrial supplies, and home/garden items.

The highest number of thefts occurred in California, followed by Texas, Illinois, and Florida. Combined, those four states make up more than 65% of the take.

Around 55% of the thefts occurred in unsecured parking situations. Around 15% were secured parking situations, although that’s up by nearly 50% since the spring.

Since 76% of cargo theft occurred from trailer or container theft, it seems that the best way to keep cargo safe is to be mindful of where cargo is parked. Identity theft, or deceptive pickups, made up only 9%of the theft.

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