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Brake Safety Week: Will Your Fleet Pass?

Photo by Gualberto107The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) is sponsoring a brake inspection all across North America this week. This is the same organization that sponsored the Roadcheck a few months ago. CVSA expects to inspect 30,000 or more brakes this week, and as many as 1 in 7 of those won’t pass inspection.

According to the CVSA, many brake issues arise from lack of driver education about how to adjust brakes. As a result, Operation Air Brake, as they’re calling it, comes with a lot of downloadable educational materials for drivers, hiring companies, inspectors, technicians, and the general public. Brake Safety Week is being sponsored to try and raise awareness for road safety, proper truck maintenance, and sharing the road.

Six specific areas will be targeted in the brake inspections: driver’s license, registration, low air warning device pushrod travel (adjustment), tractor protection system, brake linings and drums, and leaks and/or air loss rate.



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