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4 Ways the Heat Wave Affects the Trucking Industry

Photo by foto76The Southwest United States is experiencing record high temperatures right now, but the heat wave is being felt all across the country in the nation’s trucking industry. Here are 4 ways the heat can affect your fleet and ideas for how to combat it.

  1. Breakdowns: blown tires and refrigeration unit malfunctions are commonly due to increased road temperatures. Regular maintenance is important, but especially under harsh conditions like this. All drivers should carry a list of maintenance vendors along the route in case of a breakdown. 
  2. Blackouts: heat waves can cause power surges and brown- or blackouts. Be ready with backup generators in case the network goes down and prep drivers with what-if scenarios if they are unable to contact you. Adopting a cloud-based system will alleviate the need to have consistent power.
  3. Blockages: summer means hurricane season. Those high winds and rain can mean debris or flooding that makes some roads impossible. Having 2-3 back up routes and keeping half a mind on the weather  isn’t a bad idea.
  4. Burnout: a truck’s cab can become like a brick oven, especially in the temperatures we’re seeing in the Southwest. Even with air conditioning and a well-insulated truck, temperatures can break 100°F in no time at all. Extended periods of time in that kind of heat can cause short- as well as long-term effects on truckers’ physical and mental well being.

Road safety is always a top concern in our industry. Being prepared for extreme weather conditions and understanding the risks can help to circumvent inconvenient as well as potentially dangerous situations.



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