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Shortage of CDL Drivers Causes Issues for Companies, Opportunities for Drivers

Photo by MatthisAccording to the American Truck Association (ATA), the current workforce of people with registered Commercial Driver’s Licenses (CDL) is shrinking, and aging. A full 75% of drivers are over the age of 35, with nearly 17% over age 55. This means that within the next decade, a significant portion of the CDL pool will be retiring, and there just aren’t enough drivers to take their places.

The ATA estimates as many as 20,000 new drivers are needed to fill the empty positions that nearly every trucking company is reporting. For companies to continue to operate in a sustainable manner, a change has to be made. That’s where Drive360 Logistics comes in. We locate and vet CDL drivers for you, sending only the most qualified drivers who will also be a good match for your company.

If you are a licensed truck driver, this shortage has created a wide open door for you. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics estimates that the trucking industry will grow 7% faster than the rest of the economy. That means that if you are unsatisfied with your current position or want to expand your scope, now is the time. Let Drive360 Logistics help you to find a company that appreciates your skills and will allow you to progress in your career. Contact us today for more information.



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