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Top Way to Cut Your Fleet’s Fuel Costs

October 1st, 2013

Photo by VuonoOver time, cutting bit by bit off fuel costs can add up to a big difference to your bottom line. The surest way to cut down on your fleet’s fuel costs is to limit idling time, but then driver comfort slips as well.

Some fleets’ idle rates are as high as 20-30%, and that number creeps even higher in the summer. To cut costs, some companies have implemented three-minute idle shutdown timers.

Another way to go about it is to use a company like Idle Free Electric APU, which offers idle elimination in both warm and cold weather and doesn’t place a 3-minute limit on driver climate control. Focusing on drivers’ comfort can help to reduce turnover and promote CDL driver loyalty.

Of course, APUs don’t come free, and if saving fuel is all about the bottom line, it may not be enough. Consider the other benefits of slashing idling time, then, such as environmental implications and long-term health of the fleet.

No matter which option you choose for reducing fuel costs, we can help you to find qualified drivers to fill your critical positions. Contact us today for more information about our customizable recruiting programs.



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